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GFS (Global Financial Securities) is an Global Financial Securities company specializing in Private Equity financings, private placements, listed companies, corporate finance, strategic development of start-up companies and investor relations.

We work with companies looking for capital as well with investors who are seeking interesting and special investment opportunities.

Our main focus lies in identifying investment opportunities for selective and accredited investors that are not easily accessible and open for the general public.






Recognizing that every company is unique and different, GFS is dedicated to earning a client’s trust each and every day. We believe in thoughtful and continuous attention to detail because achieving great outcomes and results requires consistent effort. We want each client to see us as a deep resource of knowledge and expertise that can help meet the challenges of business growth and transition-whether as a start-up in the formative stage of development, a business evolving into a new model, or a fast-paced success story dynamically expanding.

Our services focus on start-ups and emerging companies and offer a variety of advisory and consulting services geared to meet the needs of those businesses. A fundamental belief at GFS is that in business there is a vast difference between a good idea and a viable one. Sustainable businesses are based on identifiable demand, competitive differentiation, strategy, and those unique attributes about an organization that create enabling momentum and long-term growth.

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For corporate clients, GFS provides professional business consulting and financial consulting services. The company has a vast network of angel capital, family office, venture capital, private equity and institutional investors. We advise companies on legal services such as IPOs and SEC filings. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals, strategists and advisors.

Entrepreneurs at start-up and emerging companies face extreme competitive and market timing pressures when building new ventures coupled with the high risk and uncertainty of raising private capital.
Our services are hands-on and results-driven to support the funding and capital initiatives of each entrepreneur and venture. Each client is given the utmost attention and when engaged, our network becomes yours.






We will help companies to legally issue shares, set up the right share structure and help you to get set up with a transfer agent. A transfer agent is an independent company that keeps records of how many shares or bonds each investor owns.
We can help you with all the necessary steps that are involved to get a new corporation set up, registered, how to issue shares for the founders so that they don’t lose control later on and how to create the right share structure for your investors so that you can take your company public in the stock market.


Becoming a Private Equity Broker is an exciting adventure. Like-minded people who also want to succeed in life are the core of the organization.

We believe to have a great team of individuals that are go-getters and great communicators. The sky is the limit and there are a lot of opportunities with GFS. We would like to welcome you our company. Let’s start exploring how we can work together.

The job of the Marketing Relationship Manager is to support the Private Equity Brokers. Your main task is to generate new leads through online research, online marketing strategies and through being the initial contact with new potential clients on the phone. Once you have introduced the company to a new prospect and have sent him an information package about our company and a possible investment opportunity, the Private Equity Broker will take over. The job of the Marketing Relationship Manager is very important because he or she is the first contact with our company. The better this job is done, the more likely a potential client will turn into an actual client. Contact us today and see how we can start your new career here at GFS.