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  • Marketing material production
  • Copy writing of all marketing materials
  • News distribution
  • Logo creation, websites, brochures, flyers
  • Video production
  • Audio production
  • Creation of corporate summary brochure
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Translations in other languages


  • Selling shares of new and interesting companies that are not yet publicly traded on an exchange to accredited investors in Europe.
  • The main objective is to raise capital for companies and to make money for investors.
  • Full education and training in Private Equity, stocks, private and public companies, sales and investments
  • Exam and training as a Private Equity Broker
  • Generating leads for senior broker
  • Learning how to raise money on the phone from private investors
  • Getting leads from the marketing department to follow up on potential clients


  • Training of new brokers in Private Equity / Investment banking
  • Private Equity Broker education with diploma
  • Licensing and tests


Job description

  • Full education and training in Private Equity, stocks, private and public companies, sales techniques, investments
  • Exam and training as a Private Equity Broker (including Diploma)
  • Generating leads for new potential clients
  • Getting leads from the marketing department to follow up on potential clients
  • Selling Private Equity Investments to private investors and financial advisors
  • The person will become a specialist in Private Equity Investments and Financings
  • The main objective is to raise money for companies by selling shares of private companies to investors and to take the company public. The goal is to make money for our investors by getting them into a low entry point and getting them out at a high profit.
  • A Private Equity Broker will not only sell stocks to wealthy individuals but you will also learn how to take a company public and ensure a successful exit for your investors.
  • A Private Equity Broker will be able to offer new and interesting investment opportunities.
  • A Private Equity Broker will be able to offer several deals per year and build a client portfolio.
  • By raising money from investors a Private Equity Broker will also make money for himself or herself.
  • A Private Equity Broker will be able to help in the creation of new projects and learn the business of private equity and corporate finance.
    The financial rewards and opportunities are very interesting.

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Working with GFS

Becoming a Private Equity Broker is an exciting adventure. Like-minded people who also want to succeed in life are the core of the organization.

We believe to have a great team of individuals that are go-getters and great communicators. The sky is the limit and there are a lot of opportunities with GFS. We would like to welcome you our company. Let’s start exploring how we can work together.

Starting your career with GFS
GFS wants to grow and expand its team of Private Equity Brokers.

Therefore, there is a lot of career potential in the company. Since the new management team has taken over the company, the strategy is to build several teams and branches in the next few years. This will not only implement a need for brokers, but also for management positions such as team leader, team manager or branch manager.

Advantages of being a Private Equity Broker
A Private Equity Broker with GFS offers a diversity of interesting investments that only he can offer. No other firm will be able to offer the specific products that GFS offers, as their principals developed a concept targeting on risk minimization of Pre-IPO investments.

Job description and career opportunities
The main objective of the job is to get investors to buy shares of private companies – basically to raise money. The job is sales and relationship focused because the broker is dealing with clients. The broker will sell shares to clients and advise them on how to invest into Private Equity. There is lots of telephone activity involved because clients live all over the country.

A broker will establish a lot of client contacts and will have lots of face-to-face meetings with investors. He will analyze the investor’s portfolio and, based on that, making investment recommendations and grow a client base over time. By growing the client base he will also grow the money under management.

It is our policy to create a long-term relationship with clients. Therefore to get references from our clients is as important as their investment to the Pre-IPO projects offered by GFS.

In order to advise clients on investments, a Private Equity Broker will need to be licensed with FINRA and pass the Series 7 and 63 exams if you are employed in the US. If you are in a different country, different laws apply.

GFS also offers an internal educational program and will teach its brokers everything about the Private Equity business. The internal program includes sales training, general financial knowledge, specific knowledge about Private Equity and other business related information.

A broker will build a client portfolio of private investors and will eventually trade stocks in the market on behalf of the client. He will earn a commission on capital raised and by selling shares.

We require a new broker to have a solid education with a university degree in finance, business administration, economics or similar. The most important thing to succeed in this industry however is the personality of a broker. A candidate should be outgoing, communicative, extroverted, smart, ethical, driven and open to learn something new. He should have an interest in the financial industry and be able to pass exams and to build long-term client relationships.

Especially in the beginning of this career until someone has built up a substantial client base, there is a lot of prospecting involved.

Getting started
A candidate has to go through a two-step interview process. In the first interview we will introduce the company and get to know the candidate. In the second round we will only select those candidates that are considered for a position.

The first month is a trial period for us to see whether or not you are capable to succeed in this business. In the second month, we expect you to take the exams immediately so that you get licensed and can start selling shares to clients. Therefore we advise all of our candidates to start studying for the Series 7 exam even before they start with GFS.

After three months of employment we will offer an attractive benefits package.

Being a Private Equity Broker
Initially, when deals are still private, you will mainly focus on meeting clients and advising them how to invest. After deals are trading on a stock market however, you will also start trading shares in the market.

Once you have established successful client relationships you will move them from one deal into the next and keep them happy. Therefore you will grow not only your client base but also your investments under management. Eventually, you will be managing millions of dollars for your clients and you will be able to finance deals on your own.

We also offer attractive company incentives and try to maintain a motivating environment for our brokers.

After someone has passed our internal training program, we will also award the broker with a diploma in Private Equity.

The sky is the limit and there are a lot of opportunities with GFS and all over the world. We would like to welcome you our company. Let’s start exploring how we can work together

Send your resume and cover letter to: