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Recognizing that every company is unique and different, GFS is dedicated to earning a client’s trust each and every day. We believe in thoughtful and continuous attention to detail because achieving great outcomes and results requires consistent effort. We want each client to see us as a deep resource of knowledge and expertise that can help meet the challenges of business growth and transition-whether as a start-up in the formative stage of development, a business evolving into a new model, or a fast-paced success story dynamically expanding.

Our services focus on start-ups and emerging companies and offer a variety of advisory and consulting services geared to meet the needs of those businesses. A fundamental belief at GFS is that in business there is a vast difference between a good idea and a viable one. Sustainable businesses are based on identifiable demand, competitive differentiation, strategy, and those unique attributes about an organization that create enabling momentum and long-term growth.

Making the right decisions is important in the early stage of a company.

GFS has raised over $1 billion in capital since inception and has originally been founded in 1995.Our investor reach extends to various angel capital groups, angel investors, family offices as well asventure capital and private equity firms.

Our advisory services and investor network enables our clients to optimize the likelihood of funding and obtain the most appropriate source of capital at reasonable terms at the highest acceptable valuation. Entrepreneurs at start-up and emerging companies face extreme competitive and market timing pressures when building new ventures coupled with the high risk and uncertainty of raising private capital. GFS works to minimize risk, uncertainty, and timing associated with the complex nature of funding new and emerging ventures.

Our services are hands-on and results-driven to support the funding and capital initiatives of each entrepreneur and venture. Each client is given the utmost attention and when engaged, our network becomes yours.

We help companies get listed on an exchange either in the US or in Europe. We help to implement the right share structure, suggest management additions, help with the overall organizational structure and strategy, provide a marketing strategy, get professional parties involved and help with the listing process.


There are a number of substantial advantages in having a public company. It has the possibility to raise a lot of capital and therefore expand the business. It gives the company new financing options and it provides an exit strategy for the founders.

Typically, a financial institution that acts as an underwriter leads a going public process. This financial institution takes the company through the entire going public process and also gives a commitment for multi-million dollar financing.

However, this process is only possible for larger companies that are already well established.But there is also a solution for start-up companies.

A securities lawyer can do the necessary filings with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The company has to provide audited financial statements and if everything has been approved, a market maker will file the form 15c2-11 with the NASD to obtain a trading symbol.

Even though there is no initial multi-million dollar financing attached to it, it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for financing options because the company is publicly traded.

We help new start-up companies with the entire process of finding initial investors and taking the company public in the stock market.

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