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GFS is a global financial advisory company specializing in high finance and Private Equity products. Our main focus lies in identifying investment opportunities for selective and accredited investors that are not easily accessible and open for the general public.

A typical financial advisor can help you to achieve normal returns based on the market development. We don’t want to replace your financial advisor but we see ourselves as an addition to your team of professional advisors. We are specialists in Private Equity investments, which typically only cover 5-10% of someone’s investment portfolio.

Our focus is investments into private placements or private and public companies. We offer stocks from start-up companies that are high risk but at the same time have a lot more growth potential than regular stocks. Instead of generating 10% or 20% per year, Private Equity investments can double, triple or even go up ten times in a very short period of time.

Of course with higher potential returns, there is always a higher risk involved.

In order to minimize risks of an investment, we make sure that we are involved in every single project that we help to finance. We help companies to get the necessary financing, help them with the going public process, the right share structure and we do our best to help with strategic management decisions so that our investors are protected as much as possible.

The companies that we offer to our clients always have a clear exit strategy and before we decide to invest into a company, we develop a plan to enter and to exit at the right moment when buying shares.

Our wealth management services draw on a range of expertise to give you a highly personal, professional service. We also offer a blend of financial planning and investment management support to meet your individual needs, no matter how complex your requirements.

Work with us to achieve your goals, whether you are an experienced or first-time investor. Our goal is to find out what your personal goals are and how we can help you.

Our Private Equity Specialists have a great deal of experience in the securities industry worldwide and are unique in their specialized knowledge about Private Equity.

For more information about upcoming IPOs and interesting projects, please contact us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you!